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Post Room Services

Following a request from an existing Blue Chip client for an off site Post Room. DAAS set up and developed this service for them and since 2001 we have successfully run their Post room from our office in Melksham, Wiltshire. As well as handling their incoming mail we also got involved in sending out all of their Sales Invoices and Statements both weekly and monthly to all of the customers.

Services we are able to offer.

  • Client Mail room handling
  • Outgoing mail shots of different types
  • Printing, enveloping and mailing of Invoices, Statements and any other correspondence.

Post Room Case Study

We set up a PO Box address at our local Post Office for which we collect daily all of our clients Invoices, Credit Notes, Statements & Correspondence. This is then sorted and checked for PO numbers etc, coded and generally prepared ready for scanning. Once scanned we index all documentation using our document management software over a number of different indexing fields based on their accounting system requirements. Once completed and all QA’d we export the images and data into a compatible format ready of importing into their system. We then upload this to a Secure Web Site for our clients accounts department to download daily into the system for distribution, query and payment.

“Thanks for your help over the last year setting up our scanning and post room process I would recommend your company to all.”

Testimonial from Large Blue Chip Company