Drawing Scanning and Large Format Scans

Drawing Scanning and the storage of plans and drawings is a challenge for most companies. If you have an archive of drawings greater than A3 in size then our Drawing Scanning service could be very useful to you. We are able to scan A2, A1, A0 sizes and can cope with both B/W or colour which can be scanned up to 2400dpi resolution.

If your drawings are mixed with documents in the same filing system such as Planning or engineering files this is not a problem. We have developed a process of scanning documents and drawings separately and merging them to keep file integrity.

Examples of the type of large format scanning we currently undertake are:

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Electrical & Mechanical Drawings
  • Local Authority Plans
  • Railway Drawings
  • Circuit Diagrams
  • Building & Construction Drawings
  • Historical Drawings
  • Newspapers
  • Maps
  • Blueprints
  • Pencil drawings
  • Sketches
  • Site Drawings
  • Block Plans
  • Road Layouts
  • Foundation Plans
“All drawings can be scanned to TIF, JPEG or PDF format and from 200dpi thru to 2400dpi in B/W, greyscale or colour.“Hi Simon, Just to let you know Mark was very pleased with the results of the drawing scanning, thank you.”
Testimonial from Regional Shopping Centre

Get Your Drawings Scanned Fast 

If you have a requirement for scanning a drawing or large document, we can help. With years of experience and the latest technology, we can fulfil any scanning requirement. Give one of our team a call today on 01225 707 103 to discuss your requirements or fill out a contact form below and we will get back to you.