Scanning to PDF & OCR

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most widely used document formats due to the ease of use and FREE viewing software which almost every computer can access. PDF allows you to preserve all scanned images, layouts, graphics and fonts of any source document regardless of how it was produced. It can even cope with Colour and Greyscale scanned documents and large format drawings.

PDF format is ideal when scanning reports, books, manuals, catalogues or documentation which can be batched together for distribution on CD or DVD.

Following the conversion to PDF you then have the option of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which allows you to have a fully text searchable scanned file. Our accuracy generally exceeds 97% but it does depend on the quality of text so ideally suits reports, typed letters, emails and such documents.

“Simon, I have to say the scanned images you are producing are amazing especially given some of the grotty, creased and torn originals you are working from and they are so easy to find on the scanned system – it’s brilliant that you can do them so quickly for us – I for one use them every day and I was beginning to wonder how I would be able to view the notices when we are moved offices because they won’t take the files with us. Thanks again Simon”

Testimonial from Local Government

Get Your Documents Scanned to PDF or OCR

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